Charity Fashion Show hits Fort Mason!

And we snagged an exclusive interview with its organizer, Thom Scher…

We really think Thom and his team have what it takes to propel San Francisco fashion into the global fashion scene, and we couldn’t be more excited that Charity Fashion Show is taking such a HUGE step by moving from Stanford University to Fort Mason in San Francisco.  Ummm, Macy’s Passport caliber anyone??

We had the exclusive opportunity to chat with Thom Scher and get some of those telling questions about CFS’s new direction answered.  Please read below and also check out the CFS promo vid even further below…

ZR: What charity is CFS supporting this year?  Why did you choose this cause?
TS: Every year we go through an extensive charity selection process. This year we are in the final stages of making that decision, and we look forward to making that announcement in the near future. As far as how we pick a charity, we try to balance a number of factors.  These include bay area relevance, fashion industry connection, mission alignment as it relates to multiculturalism & diversity, local impact, potential collaborative benefits and more. This year we are hoping to select a local smaller non-profit that promotes a diverse conception of beauty and has a mission that relates fashion.

ZR: Moving CFS to San Francisco will definitely expand the scope of the project.  Will you continue to have a relationship with Stanford, and if so, to what degree?
TS: CFS hopes to maintain a positive relationship with Stanford, although no longer technically being a part of the university. This fall it became clear that our event had the chance to make the leap to San Francisco and truly capitalize on new opportunities. Stanford student group events are meant to be geared primarily towards the Stanford student body,  yet the reality is that Charity Fashion Show has spent the last two years struggling to balance being ‘Stanford’ with being ‘West Coast Fashion’. That said, we could not have gotten to where we are today if it weren’t for our support at Stanford University. We hope to continue to have some Stanford models and staff; the four directors all have Stanford ties, and all of us are firmly committed to making sure that the Stanford community can be a part of the event moving forward.

ZR: How does CFS choose its featured designers?  How does this reflect the underlying goal of the project?
TS: We view Charity Fashion Show as a jumping off platform –where the freshest models, photographers, writers, companies, and designers from across all levels of the industry can  come together under one roof for our production. While we have many internationally known names that have shown at CFS over the last few years, its important to continue to foster the next generation of designers. We accept designer submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year, and extend invitations on a case-by-case basis to designers globally.

Designers interested in showing at CFS 2011 should email

ZR: Tell us about Beyond the Dresses.  What inspired you to launch the company?
TS: Beyond The Dresses is my fashion PR company that I launched going into last summer. As I dove deeper into SF fashion through the last two productions of Charity Fashion Show, I realized that Bay Area fashion was so alive, but that it needed more exposure — the goal of Beyond The Dresses is to provide that exposure.I quickly came to represent some very talented people in the San Francisco industry, and Im happy to be continuing with the company.

ZR: How would you characterize SF fashion?  How is Bay Area style unique?
TS: SF Fashion is just like the city itself,vibrant and diverse. I think about how the community is so passionate and talented.  When I look at SF fashion I think of how many times I’ve seen crazy couture-inspired pieces go through club/bar runways. I think of how many times I’ve thought to myself that people are wearing pieces of art.   The SF industry is in the midst of another revolution as we make the jump back into the international fashion spotlight. San Francisco fashion is genius — and that genius doesn’t need to be limited to just Bay Area audiences.

THANKS THOM!  Now check out this slightly sexy, VERY stylish teaser vid!


Zeller Riley


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